About Mellsva

My name is Giedra Bartas. Mellsva engages my 3 biggest passions of life – gardening, traveling and photography. It`s a visual project, with lot`s of pictures and a few words.

I do belong to visual creatives and the path of my life always went along the sense of sight. Endless patterns of colors and shapes of our mother Nature gives me a great joy of constant discovering. My pictures show the way i see this world and i am grateful for this possibility to make an impact.

Nature amazes me more and more with years and i love being active under the sun. I do enjoy living life fully at this present moment, dipping into the real tastes and following real values. If i am not at my home office working and not traveling, then i probably gone gardening, crafting or doing something else outdoors.

Feel free to contact me if you are on the same or similar path. I am happy to interact with like minded people and would be more than happy to work together.
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